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EVs Cheaper Than Gasmobiles Thanks To California CCA

Published on 08/15/2017

EVs (Way) Cheaper Than Gasmobiles Thanks To Imaginative California Electricity Provider

Clean Technica | August 15, 2017
By Tina Casey

Despite America’s obsession with gadgets, electricity sales have been flatlining. So, what’s a utility company to do? Sonoma Clean Power in California has hit upon one answer: get people to buy more EVs, with hefty discounts and a free home EV charger, to boot — and an extra break for low income eligible buyers, too.

As a not-for-profit company with a clean energy mission, SCP has a slightly different perspective on the bottom line than a private utility, but if Sonoma can make the rebate work that could be good news — eventually — for prospective EV buyers everywhere.

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