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Get Ready for Sonoma Clean Power

Published on 03/15/2014

Get Ready for Sonoma Clean Power

Kenwood Press | March 15, 2014
By Jay Gamel

It used to be simple. Move in, call PG&E to turn on the electricity and/or gas, and then pay your bill every month. But as of May 1, there will be a new company in town. Sonoma County citizens will now purchase their power from an alternate source – Sonoma Clean Power – which buys power from cleaner production sources that pollute less and even cost a bit less than PG&E.

The idea behind Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) is to reduce the carbon pollution generated by some kinds of energy production through purchasing “clean” energy. This is something that 75 percent of Sonoma County citizens put at the top of their environmental wish-list when polled back in 2012.

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