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Greener Homes: One Year After the Fires

Published on 11/20/2018

Greener Homes: Rebuilding Santa Rosa One Year After the Fires

KALW | November 20, 2018
By Angela Johnston

While the Camp Fire victims are dealing with the immediate aftermath of a disaster, people affected by last year’s Wine Country fires are in the middle of a long and arduous rebuilding process. It’s a cycle that some people think we’ll need to get used to in this fire-prone state. But, one silver lining: starting over means an opportunity to build differently, with the environment and climate change in mind.

Right when the fires hit, it was actually very interesting because we're a bit unique as a utility. We're not for profit and really our mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so that was really a moment for us to step back and say, how can we help our community rebuild and how can we help them rebuild better?

Rachel Kuykendall

Advanced Energy Rebuild Programs Manager

Sonoma Clean Power

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