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1 MW Cloverdale Solar Center Completed

Published on 09/23/2019

More renewable energy is being generated locally!

SCP recently completed our third local solar project through our feed-in tariff program, ProFIT. The ProFIT program promotes the development of new small-scale renewable energy facilities in our service territory, and just last year, we completed two one-megawatt solar projects in Petaluma.

SCP celebrated the new Cloverdale Solar Center, which started generating power in June of this year, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The guests included the landowners, community leaders, elected officials, SCP Directors, and Enerparc, the developer of the solar system.

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Pictures from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the Cloverdale Solar Center

Located on the site of Seven Arches Vineyard, the Cloverdale Solar Center has 4,060 solar panels which produce an average of 2,300,000 kWhs every year. Currently, the project is generating enough energy to meet the needs of 300 homes in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

As a resident of Cloverdale, I am excited to see a utility-scale solar system in our community, especially given our City’s climate goals, and the incredible amount of sun we receive. Hopefully, this project is just one of many that we can build to better serve our area with clean, local energy.

Melanie Bagby

Mayor of the City of Cloverdale

ProFIT was designed to support SCP’s optional EverGreen service. For an additional cost of $0.025 per kWh, SCP customers can choose to upgrade to EverGreen, which is made up of 100% local renewable energy sources.

The EverGreen service is unique, as SCP is the only energy provider in California to offer an option that is entirely renewable and local, that runs 24/7. By utilizing solar power when the sun is out and geothermal power when the sun is down, EverGreen nearly eliminates the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a household’s or business’s electricity use.

We are very proud to be able to offer our customers a simple, yet significant, way to reduce their carbon emissions and make a difference locally. The more customers we have upgrading to EverGreen, the more renewable energy facilities we can work on building in our two counties.

Rebecca Simonson

SCP’s Power Services Manager

SCP is currently working on three additional ProFIT projects, including one solar system in Willits and two outside of Petaluma.