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SCP Produces Impressive Benefits First Year

Published on 06/23/2015

Sonoma Clean Power Produces Impressive Benefits First Year

Sonoma County Gazette | June 23, 2015
By Kate Kelly

With the first year of service to Sonoma County customers complete, Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) has announced its 2014 progress report, which includes the following.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions were 48% below PG&E’s last published data from 2013. The total estimated savings is 53,579 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which will be confirmed once PG&E publishes its actual 2014 emissions data in early 2016
  • $13.6 million in total bill savings for customers
  • Energy mix is 36% renewable plus an additional 44% hydropower. The agency is already meeting the 2020 mandates for all California utilities to be at least 33% renewable. By comparison, PG&E’s mix was 27% renewable and 8% hydropower.
We knew the agency was doing great things from the beginning, but benefiting customers and the environment at the same time is really something to be proud of. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to commend CEO Geof Syphers and his staff on guiding the agency to produce such remarkable results in its first year.

Mark Landman

Councilman and SCP Board Member

City of Cotati

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