SCP Welcomes Our First Youth Advisor to the CAC | Sonoma Clean Power

SCP Welcomes Our First Youth Advisor to the CAC

SCP Board Appoints Student Representative to Community Advisory Committee

At the beginning of each year, Sonoma Clean Power welcomes new members to our Community Advisory Committee (CAC) while bidding farewell to the members whose terms have come to an end. However, this year’s swearing-in ceremony was special.

We are thrilled to introduce our first-ever Student Representative to the Community Advisory Committee. Kai Guthrie of Sebastopol is a freshman at Credo High School in Rohnert Park. After expressing an interest in volunteering with SCP, Guthrie was appointed to SCP’s CAC by the Agency’s Board of Directors.

The Community Advisory Committee is charged with reviewing SCP’s programs, budget and rates, and advising the Board on general planning and business issues. Current members of the committee have expertise in management, finance, infrastructure development, renewable power generation, power sales and marketing, energy conservation, and public relations. Guthrie will provide a unique perspective as our first youth representative.

“As the Chairman of SCP’s Community Advisory Committee, I am delighted that Kai is now a participant in the discussions at the meetings. It is so important that the next generation has input into the decisions regarding renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are part of the CAC role in the operations of Sonoma Clean Power.”

Dick Dowd

Committee Chair

Sonoma Clean Power Community Advisory Committee

As a high school student and future stakeholder, Guthrie will serve as a liaison to the youth population of Sonoma County. Though he is a non-voting member, he will be able to provide valuable input from a different perspective while gaining experience learning about the various responsibilities and powers of the Committee.

“I’m glad SCP’s Board appointed Kai to serve on the Community Advisory Committee,” said SCP CEO Geof Syphers. “I’ve got high expectations that he will help us stay creative and invent solutions,” Syphers added.

Despite being only a freshman in high school, Guthrie has already gained experience working and volunteering with organizations such as Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Schools for Climate Action. SCP is proud to assist Guthrie in further developing his leadership and advocacy skills, and greatly looks forward to his contributions to the Committee.

Toward the end of Guthrie’s one-year term, SCP will conduct recruitment to students within the Agency’s service territory for 2019.