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SCP's New Brand & Website

Introducing SCP’s New Brand Elements

SCP is pleased to debut our updated brand identity and website, which were created with the assistance of a local full-service creative agency, The Engine is Red.

After five years, we have become much more than just an electricity provider, therefore, it was important for us to find a way to better communicate the agency SCP is today.

Our updated brand identity was developed partially in response to feedback from the public that there was a lack of clarity about who we are and what we do.

The re-brand will help SCP:

  • Better reflect our service territory, which now includes Mendocino County;
  • Give us flexibility as we develop new programs;
  • Illustrate how our customers benefit from our services in their everyday lives.
SCP is now more broadly focused on fighting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring that everyone can be part of the transition towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

Our new logo mark was designed to reflect hints of the sun, water, and movement, as well as the natural beauty and topography of our service territory, which includes the coast and mountains.

Through the rebranding process, we developed the three pillars of our brand:

  1. Innovative: SCP is changing the way California sources energy while investing in sustainability.
  2. Practical: We create easy ways for customers to combat climate change, that put cost savings in their pocket and back into the local economy. Through public input and innovative thinking, we create programs that improve your lifestyle and make a real impact in your community.
  3. Inclusive: SCP delivers services that enhance quality of life through competitive pricing, improved air quality, and energy efficiency. By changing the way North Bay residents source energy, we are able to invest in programs that make a difference in everyone’s lives.

Sonoma Clean Power plays an essential role in helping to solve the climate crisis by inventing practical tools, solutions, and programs that are accessible to everyone, and by generating clean electricity for our customers.

We are confident that our updated brand identity and website clarify the work our agency is doing today, and that it provides the flexibility we will need as the work we do continues to evolve over time!