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"Taking My Leaf to the Pines"

Published on 10/24/2018

"Taking My Leaf to the Pines – with a Robust Network of Chargers"

Center for Climate Protection | October 24, 2018
By Laurie-Ann Barbour

When I leased my 2017 Nissan Leaf, I figured that for longer trips, I would rent a car and would still come out ahead in terms of money because of the good deal I got on the Leaf and the fact that I don’t take many long trips (several new EV models have longer range).

As I planned to visit my friend in Lake Tahoe, I thought this would a time I’d need to rent a car. But then I looked at my handy-dandy charging app and saw that there are quite a few DC fast chargers along Highway 80. It turns out that there’s a charging network called Drive the Arc which has placed many DC Fast chargers between Monterey and Lake Tahoe. “Awesome”, I thought, “I’ll drive my Leaf to Tahoe.”

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