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Updates to SCP Home Appliance Rebates

Some of Sonoma Clean Power's rebates have changed.

Here's why it's not a bad thing.

SCP is in the business of fighting the climate crisis.

Transportation is the largest source of California's greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings and generating electricity are close behind.

Using more clean energy and using less fossil fuel is key to reducing these emissions. Replacing gas appliances with all-electric appliances lowers the impact of our buildings. Thus, state agencies are eager for residents to electrify their homes.

When SCP opened our Energy Center in July 2021, the push for electric home appliances was in motion.

But there was a problem. All-electric products can cost thousands of dollars more than their gas competitors. And finding local contractors familiar with installing these products was a challenge.

Sonoma Clean Power partnered with the California Energy Commission to create a solution.

We built a physical Center for the public and contractors to learn about these products. SCP and the Commission also dedicated over $2.5 million to assist residents in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

Two years later, we've met our goals. SCP provided millions in customer rebates and over 1,000 home projects are complete.

In June 2023 alone, SCP received over 182 rebate applications. An overwhelming response!

Hundreds of our customers took action with the help of SCP's rebates and contractor list.

Other organizations and state agencies are now offering financial incentives of their own. Contractor associations are encouraging members to get certified by local and state programs.

There's been a significant shift in the market towards highly efficient electric water heating, cooking, and heating and cooling.

Because of this momentum, SCP is changing its focus.

Our incentives are always aimed at filling in gaps and accelerating climate action. We did it with electric vehicles, e-bikes, and now, electric appliances.

As of August 1, 2023, SCP’s rebates for non-CARE/FERA customers have been reduced. But our rebates for our CARE/FERA customers remain the same.

New rebates from state agencies and organizations can now stack on top of SCP's rebate amount. Plus, Inflation Reduction Act tax credits and "point-of-sale" incentives will soon be available.

At the Switch is On, you can find federal, state, regional, and local incentives available to you based on zip code.

Visit SCP's Energy Center in downtown Santa Rosa to learn more and talk with a member of our team.

Home electrification is a big task. We can help you get started.