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Use Urgency From Wildfire to Make Things Better

Use Urgency From Northern California Wildfire, Housing Crises to Make Things Better

North Bay Business Journal | October 08, 2018
By James Gore

Everything is different, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Since the first days following the fire up until now, I still believe that we have two primary goals.

The first is to help those people most affected by the wildfires, to wrap around those people who lost everything and support them in any way possible. That’s why we continue to meet with block captains, we continue to fund raise and change policy, we’re constantly mobilizing resources, hosting events — all of it in support of those impacted.

The second goal is to use this hit to our system to shake up the way we do business.

The most important issues that face us at the county are actually regional challenges: housing equity, workforce development and natural resource management. For example, Sonoma County is seen as a leader in climate change adaptation with green energy, thanks to having the greenest fleet in North American and Sonoma Clean Power’s green energy.

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