Water Heater Electrification for Governments | Sonoma Clean Power

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Water Heater Electrification for Governments

SCP and Willdan are offering low-to-no-cost water heater replacement! Replace your domestic water heater with a high efficiency heat pump water heater now.


  • Must be an SCP customer
  • Natural gas is currently used for water heating
  • Existing unit is greater than or equal to 30 gallons (custom replacement for larger units may be available)
  • Agree to participate in a demand-response program

Ideal facilities

  • Community and convention centers
  • Libraries/museums/performing arts centers
  • Airports and transit centers
  • Police departments
  • Community fitness and recreation centers
  • Corporate and public work yards
  • Federal buildings
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Six easy steps

  1. Consult: Meet with the Willdan team to determine if the program is a good fit for you. Contact Willdan today at 1 (844) 250-8505 or email at PublicEnergy@willdan.com.
  2. Enroll: Willdan confirms your eligibility and provides enrollment documents
  3. Send: Share photos and system information
  4. Assess: Willdan assess your project(s) and conducts on-site assessments as necessary
  5. Propose: Willdan presents the project scope and costs
  6. Install: Willdan provides turnkey installation services

Funded by SCP & Willdan