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Multifamily Building Improvements

Upgrade your multi-unit dwelling

Sonoma Clean Power has partnered with the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) Multifamily Building Improvements program to provide even more reasons to upgrade your multi-unit dwelling (MUD) property. BayREN already offers $750 per unit for qualifying energy improvements, with additional incentives available for electrification measures. Multifamily properties must have at least 5 dwelling units to be eligible. Now, SCP is adding $500 for any necessary in-unit electrical panel upgrades ($750 for low-income units) and $5,000 for central panel upgrades. We’re also offering bonus incentives for demand response technologies, including smart thermostats and electric vehicle chargers. Funds are limited, so take advantage now while these incentives last.

Benefits for Building Owners

  • Free on-site consultation and customized reports on investment payback and energy savings
  • Fewer service calls from residents regarding comfort and appliance maintenance
  • Lower risk of fires for induction cooktops compared to gas and electric coil stoves

Benefits for Residents

  • Heat pump appliances offer better overall comfort
  • Potential energy savings from efficiency upgrades and equipment performance
  • Electric induction stoves offer better control and improved indoor air quality

How do I Participate?

  • First: make sure your main property electricity account is with Sonoma Clean Power. Check here!
  • Next: reach out to the BayREN Multifamily Building Improvements program and enroll online.
  • Then: Work with the BayREN program consultant to customize a package of improvements that are expected to save 15% or more of your whole building's energy use and identify whether electrical panel upgrades are needed.
  • And: Work with the BayREN program consultant through all required stages of installation and completion for selected improvement measures and eligible electrical panel upgrades.
  • Last: In addition to rebates received through BayREN, receive your SCP incentive of up to $750 per in-unit panel upgrade and $5,000 per central building panel upgrade.

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