Request for Proposals | Sonoma Clean Power

Request for Proposals

Sonoma Clean Power Authority (SCP), Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) and Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) issue this Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit proposals from qualified and experienced individuals or firms to develop incremental Net Qualifying Capacity to meet the Mid-Term Reliability procurement mandate (D.21-06-035) in addition to each respective CCA’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), greenhouse gas emission reductions and reliability requirements.


This Joint RFP consists of the RFP protocols and two separate appendices. Among other things, the protocol (i) offers general information pertaining to this RFP, (ii) describes the purpose and drivers of this Joint RFP and provides high-level considerations for respondents, (iii) includes a schedule for this Joint RFP, (iv) sets forth terms governing the preparation and submission of proposals and RFP-related communications with the Joint CCAs, and (v) provides a high-level overview of the process for evaluating and selecting proposals submitted in response to this Joint RFP.

2022 Joint CCA MTR RFP Protocols

The separate Appendices are as follows:
Appendix A to this Joint RFP is the Offer Form

Appendix B is the Executive Summary Template

Respondents are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and being fully aware of the terms of this Joint RFP, including the terms of each Appendix.