Who We Are | Sonoma Clean Power

Who We Are

We are working to solve climate change today.


Power with purpose

SCP serves the residents and businesses in Sonoma and Mendocino counties clean energy from more renewable resources, such as geothermal, wind, and solar.

We’re invested in the communities we live and work in. We deliver services that enhance quality of life through competitive pricing, improved air quality, and customer benefits. By changing the way our communities source energy, we’re able to deliver customer programs that make a difference in everyone’s life.

Powered by innovative thinking, SCP was formed to provide a choice beyond the for-profit, investor-owned utility (PG&E) and a customer-owned public utility. Today, SCP is a model for community choice programs throughout California. By providing higher percentages of renewable energy that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, our customers are helping to solve the climate crisis at the local level.

Our Mission

Sonoma Clean Power is turning the tide on the climate crisis, through bold ideas and practical programs.

How it works

Once you’ve started service with PG&E, the energy you purchase will come from SCP’s CleanStart service. SCP generates cleaner electricity for use in your home or business and PG&E delivers it on their existing power lines. Because you are a shared customer, you pay SCP for cleaner energy with competitive rates, and you pay PG&E for maintaining their power poles and wires. Even though you pay SCP for electric generation and PG&E for electric delivery, you get one combined bill every month from PG&E.

If you are enrolled in any of the following services with PG&E, you will continue to receive your full discount, and there is no need to re-apply: CARE, FERA, Medical Baseline Allowance, and PG&E’s Employee Discount. Most PG&E incentives and rebates are available to SCP customers, with the exception of SmartRateTM and Peak Day Pricing.

2023 Annual Report

From the 2023 SCP Annual Report:

  • Messages from the CEO and Board Chair
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Financials