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e-Bike Commuter Program

e-Bike Commuter Grant for Organizations

Sonoma Clean Power is accepting grant applications from qualified businesses, non-profits, public entities, Tribal nations, and educational institutions for up to $20,000 in funding for the purchase of electric bikes for their commuting staff, along with other safety, security, and storage resources.

Applicants are required to provide a detailed plan for how they plan to manage their funds over the course of the two-year grant period. Applicants must also be a Sonoma Clean Power customer and have at least five staff, volunteers or students who commute using light-duty cars and trucks.

With vehicle-related travel being a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in our service area, SCP is committed to assisting our customers in the purchase and use of low-carbon mobility options. This program aims to offset light-duty vehicle emissions and congestion from commuting through the use of electric bikes.

Several styles of e-bikes are on the market, including cargo bikes, folding bikes, and even three-wheeled bikes. More affordable e-bikes generally have a rear hub motor, while higher-end models often have mid-drive motors that are integrated into the bottom bracket (meaning it’s between the pedals).

Many local transit agencies allow e-bikes on board, including Sonoma County Transit, Mendocino Transit, Santa Rosa Transit, and SMART train.

Learn more about e-bikes, buying considerations, charging tips, and how and where to ride them safely. Download our Electric Bike Rider’s Guide by clicking the button below. Questions about e-bikes? Visit your local retailer or email us at

Electric Bike Rider’s Guide

SCP is proud to be recognized as a gold level Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists.

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