Sonoma Clean Power supports onsite renewable electricity generation system through our NetGreen Program, one of the best net energy metering programs in the state!

What is NetGreen?

NetGreen is Sonoma Clean Power’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) program that allows customers to make their meter “spin backward” and offset their electrical usage by installing a generating system (e.g. a rooftop solar system or a wind turbine). Sonoma Clean Power’s program has unique benefits to incentivize more local renewable power!  To learn more about Net Energy Metering, check out this video!

Benefits of NetGreen!

NetGreen Credits

SCP credits the full retail CleanStart rate plus a bonus for energy generated.  Those credits are banked monthly to be used to offset any SCP generation charges you may have throughout the year.

Generator Bonus

SCP gives a bonus of $0.01/kWh for all net energy generated.  It’s our way of thanking you for generating, clean, local electricity.

Annual Cash Out

In May, if your NetGreen credit balance is $100 or greater, SCP will automatically send you a check for the full credit balance!*

But don’t worry if you don’t have $100 – those credits simply roll over to the following month!

*Up to $5,000

Monthly Billing

We heard from our customers that they did not like receiving a large bill once a year, so we did something about it!

SCP bill monthly for any generation usage that is not covered by your NetGreen credits.

 Over 10,000 solar customers generating local, clean electricity

 Over 100,000 kW of installed generation capacity

 Paid out to NetGreen customers since 2015 for over-generation

NetGreen Iterations:

There are additional versions of NetGreen for customers in special circumstances.

How Net Energy Metering (& NetGreen) Works

The Simple Explanation: Energy generated by your system, minus energy consumed at your location, equals net energy that will be charged or credited to your bill.

The More Complicated Explanation: When you make the decision of installing a solar system (or other generating technology), a special meter is installed that measures how much electricity is being put into the grid by your system (energy generated) and how much electricity is being used by your home or business from the grid (energy consumed) and calculates the amount of net energy consumed or generated. This tracking is done in a standard unit of energy measurement called a kilowatt-hours (kWh).

Every month, PG&E reads your meter and the net energy is reflected on your bill as a charge (for net consumption) or as a credit (for net generation) according to your rate schedule (e.g. E-6 or E-TOU-A).

PG&E will track distribution (delivery) charges or distribution (delivery) credits only and carry them forward month to month for 12 billing months to be reconciled at your annual True-Up. If your distribution charges are more than your distribution credits, PG&E will send you a bill at your True-Up.

Sonoma Clean Power will track generation charges or generation credits monthly. Whenever you have generation credits, SCP will bank those in your NetGreen balance. If, however, you have generation charges, SCP will use the banked credits first to cover the charges. If you don’t have enough credits banked, SCP will bill you on your monthly PG&E bill for that net energy. This way, you won’t be surprised with a large annual bill from Sonoma Clean Power. Please note that PG&E will still send you an annual distribution True-Up bill.

What is the annual True-Up Statement? Because you are still a PG&E Net Energy Metering customer for distribution (delivery), you will receive an annual True-Up statement from PG&E at the end of the 12th month of your billing cycle. The True-Up statement reconciles all the cumulative distribution charges, credits and minimum monthly payments for the entire 12-month billing cycle. If you have a balance due after all charges and credits are reconciled, that amount will appear on the last PG&E bill of your 12-month billing cycle. By law, any remaining credits will be reset to zero before the beginning of your new 12-month billing cycle.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are a new SCP customer, or are returning to SCP service, a True-Up will be trigger with your switch to SCP service.*


A common question from customers is “how much will SCP pay me for energy I generate?” The short answer is SCP will credit you the full CleanStart rate plus a $0.01/kWh bonus!

The long answer is that SCP will credit you the full CleanStart rate plus a $0.01/kWh bonus but that price will vary with each rate schedule and the time-of-use period in which the generation happened.

For example: if you net generated during the peak period, SCP will pay you the peak period CleanStart rates. If you net consumed during the off-peak period, SCP will charge you off-peak rate.

Enrolling in NetGreen

Existing NEM Customers: If you’re switching to SCP service, the transition to NetGreen is automatic at the time of your service switch. There’s no application to fill out or need to give SCP a call. PG&E will share your NEM status with SCP and we automatically enroll you in NetGreen so you can start taking advantage of the benefits!

New NEM/NetGreen Customers: If you’re an existing SCP customer and are thinking of installing solar (or other generation technology), signing up for NetGreen is automatic as well! Once you have signed up for NEM through PG&E, they share that information with SCP and we automatically enroll you in NetGreen so that you can start taking advantage of the great benefits NetGreen offers!


As a shared customer of PG&E, you will still receive a billing statement from PG&E with Sonoma Clean Power Generation Charges.

PG&E will continue to bill their Minimum Monthly Charges as well as any gas charges, if you’re a gas customer. The bill will also detail NEM-related credits or charges.

Sonoma Clean Power will detail net generation or consumption, the applicable CleanStart rates, any SCP generation charges or credits, and show your NetGreen balance. Please note that if your generation charges exceed your NetGreen credit balance, SCP will bill you monthly for those charges.

For details on SCP’s portion of the bill, visit our NetGreen Sample Bill.

For details on PG&E’s portion of the bill, view their Monthly NEM Energy Statement.

Go 100% Renewable with NetGreen & EverGreen

By signing up for EverGreen, you are ensuring that all the energy consumed in your house or business is 100% renewable and 100% local, even when your system isn’t generating! When you choose EverGreen for your home or business, you are nearly eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions from your electricity use.

EverGreen carries an additional premium of $0.025/kWh, and is charged any time there is any net consumption of electricity, but not credited when there’s generation. This means that the EverGreen premium may reduce the number of SCP generation credits earned through NetGreen.

Time-of-Use customers, please note that the EverGreen premium will be charged on all net energy consumed during any time-of-use period (Peak, Part-Peak, Off-Peak).

Get Generating!

Thinking of installing a solar system, or other generating technology, to help reduce your bill? The process of installing a system is the same with Sonoma Clean Power.

A solar installer/contractor will help evaluate your site for feasibility, analyze your bill to see if you’re a good candidate, design the system, pull the proper permits, apply with PG&E for interconnection to the distribution grid, and install the system.  Once everything checks out and PG&E determines it’s safe to operate, PG&E will send you a Letter of Operation to flip the switch and start generating clean electricity!

To make the processes simpler, Sonoma Clean Power does not require that you submit an application or call us to enroll in NetGreen. Once PG&E approves your system, we automatically enroll you in NetGreen!

SCP highly encourages customers get multiple evaluations and quotes. We do not provide evaluations or installations. However, here are a few local resources that may help!

Additional Valuable Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

ProFIT vs. NetGreen - What's the difference?

SCP’s ProFIT and NetGreen are two distinct programs for very different applications.

ProFIT is a wholesale energy buying program designed to create a market for developers to sell all the energy from a project to Sonoma Clean Power at a fixed price. It is not intended to offset electricity usage or reduce an electricity bill.

NetGreen allows customers to power their own homes or businesses from a renewable generating system and offset their electrical usage by essentially spinning their meter backwards.  This program is for customers that want to install a generating system on their home and business and reduce their electricity bill.

If SCP’s rates are lower, does that impact my credits?

No, because we credit you full CleanStart rates and add in a $0.01/kWh net generator bonus. Plus, when you consume more than you generate, you are getting charged at a lower rate!

How large can I size my system? Can I oversize my system?

The size of your system will be determined through consultation with your solar installer. The size will depend on a number of factors such as energy usage, roof space, roof orientation, capital, and personal goals. Most installations aim to reduce a customer’s energy cost and size the system to cover somewhere between 80%-90% of the annual bill.

You can potentially oversize a system but that depends on several factors. The main goal of NetGreen and Net Energy Metering is to offset the customer’s on-site electricity needs and not be utilized as a revenue generating mechanism.  Additionally, since PG&E oversees the distribution grid and safety, they will ultimately decide the size of the system they will allow you to interconnect. Some customers have reported success in interconnecting a system that exceeds 110% of a customer’s current electricity needs. You can make a case to interconnect a larger system if you think you’ll be getting an electric car or installing electric heating in the near future.

What will happen to my PG&E NEM credits if I switch to SCP?

When you switch to SCP, PG&E will trigger a True-Up.  Any excess credits you have with PG&E will be zeroed out after the True-Up. Please contact PG&E’s Solar Customer Service Center at 1-877-743-4112 for more information.

Do I need to opt out to get solar on my house or business?

Nope, SCP offers great benefits to our solar customers through our NetGreen program. You do not need to do anything to enroll in NetGreen! Once you get the go-ahead from PG&E, we automatically enroll you!

Are there any incentives for installing solar?

In addition to SCP cash out and 1 cent per kWh premium, there are still some tax incentives available for solar installations.

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