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Drive EV is Back!

Published on 09/28/2018

Don’t Miss Out on the Incredible Savings, Available Now Through November 16, 2018.

SCP’s third and final phase of our popular electric vehicle (EV) incentive program is well underway.

Customers in Sonoma and Mendocino counties can save thousands on an EV, plus get a free home charger, giving you even more reasons to ditch your gas guzzler and start driving on clean energy.

“Drive EV is one example of the innovative and practical programs we’ve been able to provide customers. Bulk discounts on electric vehicles are helping us address climate change by making these high-performance cars more affordable."

Geof Syphers

Chief Executive Officer

Sonoma Clean Power

We are pleased to reveal that in the past two years, the program has helped SCP customers save over $10 million on electric vehicles with nearly 800 EVs having been purchased or leased locally, and 1,900 home chargers dispatched throughout the two counties.

This year, there are 5 local participating dealerships and 8 models to choose from, including all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Customers can receive the following incentives from SCP for the purchase or lease of an EV or plug-in hybrid:

  • $2,000 incentive for every customer;
  • $4,000 incentive for customers enrolled in the CARE/FERA programs.

This is on top of discounts from the manufacturer and dealers! The most recent offers are available at

Don’t forget, there are also State and local rebates, and Federal tax credits available.

These include the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program, the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District rebate (for district residents only), the Clean Fuel Rebate, and a Federal Tax Credit from the IRS.

After the completion of the program, SCP will turn our focus to growing the public charging infrastructure in Sonoma and Mendocino counties to further help make the transition away from gasoline-powered vehicles and reduce local greenhouse gas emissions.

“Replacing gas vehicles with electric cars, and charging them on clean, renewable energy is the single largest step an individual can take in reducing their carbon footprint,” believes Syphers.

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