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Program ends on Nov. 16, 2018! Details below.



Applications for Drive EV Certificates must be submitted by 12:00 PM on Nov. 16, 2018. No exceptions.

Application will close at 12:00 PM on Nov. 16, 2018. Applications submitted by this time will be processed on the same day. Qualified applicants will get their certificates by 5:00 PM.

Drive EV Certificates must be used by Nov. 16, 2018. All final purchase/lease agreements must be completed and signed by 11:59 PM on Nov. 16, 2018. No exceptions.

Get rid of your gas guzzler and save.

You have the power to reduce the cost of travel, in more ways than one. Our Drive EV program offers you thousands in savings when you choose to drive electric. Up front, you’ll receive incentives of $1,000 on a used EV and $2,000 on a new EV from SCP, and the savings could add up even more with additional dealer and manufacturer discounts, and other rebates, incentives and tax credits.

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Going electric is easy. Here’s how.

  1. Get a certificate! Apply for a Verified SCP Customer Certificate.
  2. Buy or lease an electric car. View eligible cars and head out to a participating dealership to test drive a new EV.
  3. Get a free EV charger. Power your new EV with our local, renewable energy that costs less, and reduces emissions with a free EV charging station from SCP.

Drive on clean energy

Free electric vehicle charging station

Once you’re zipping around in your new EV, get a free EV charging station from us! After you’ve installed the station, you can connect it to our GridSavvy program and help us move toward a cleaner grid and improve the electricity grid’s performance under times of stress. Learn More

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Affordability Assistance

If you’re thinking about buying an electric car but need some help to afford it, there are resources available to you!

As part of the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program (CVAP), the State of California, in partnership with Beneficial State Foundation, is offering low-to-moderate income residents the opportunity to receive a $5,000 grant towards the purchase of a new or used electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid! Combine this with our low-income $4,000 incentive and the offers from the dealers, and you’ve got a deal too good to pass up!

Customer may also qualify for affordable financing from the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program. Learn more and start driving electric!

Note: If you receive a CVAP grant, you may not be eligible to receive the Clean Vehicle Rebate. Visit for full program details.


To help make electric vehicles more affordable, there are a number of rebates available to customers that lease or purchase a new EV!

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) promotes clean vehicle adoption by offering rebates of up to $4,500 for the purchase or lease of new, eligible zero-emission vehicles, including electric, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.


Clean Fuel Rebate

Customers with EVs are eligible to receive a $500 Clean Fuel Rebate from the State of California for their use of electricity as a clean transportation fuel, which is about one year's worth of electricity to fuel your car.


Go Green! Rebate

The Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District proudly presents Go Green!, a grant and rebate program for the lease or purchase of a new EV. Low income supplemental assistance available for qualifying applicants.


Zip by traffic

Skip the traffic and join the carpool lane solo in your electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid with the Red Clean Air Vehicle Decals!

The decals are valid until January 1, 2022 and can be acquired by submitting Form 100 to the Department of Motor Vehicles (please do not send the form to SCP).

There are some details you need to know. If your vehicle was purchased on or after January 1, 2018:

  • To receive both the red decal and the Clean Vehicle Rebate (see above), your annual gross income must be under $150,000 for single filers, $204,000 for head-of-household and $300,000 for joint filers, per State rules.
  • If your income exceeds the amounts listed above, you may only receive the red decals, per State rules.

A great drive

We have been working with our partners to develop tools that make adopting an EV easy for you.

  • Drive EV. Choose EV helps you estimate your potential cost and carbon savings by switching to an EV.
  • EV 101, developed and maintained by the Regional Climate Protection Authority, is a 24/7 responsive online resource for all your EV questions in easy to understand information.
  • Our EV Buyer's Guide was developed to make getting a new car easier because we understand that its one of the most significant purchases a household makes.

You paved the way

Throughout the past two years, we have deployed over 770 electric vehicles through our incentive programs - a good start to our goal of having 10,000 electric vehicles on our roads by 2020 and cutting greenhouse gas emission.

See our Evaluation Dashboard to see the results of the last two programs and read their respective evaluation reports.