SCP Launches the Energy Resiliency Audit Program | Sonoma Clean Power

ERAP is Helping Local Businesses Prepare for Power Outages

Published on 06/30/2020

Businesses in Sonoma and Mendocino counties are eligible to receive free energy audits through our new program.

As PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events become regular occurrences for communities in California, and as natural disasters such as wildfires intensify, having a reliable source of backup power has become a necessity for nearly every business. That’s why Sonoma Clean Power has developed the Energy Resiliency Audit Program (ERAP).

Through ERAP, SCP’s commercial customers can receive an analysis, free of charge, to explore whether or not battery storage is financially feasible for their site, how much storage is recommended to power critical electric loads during a shutoff, and how to integrate battery technology into their existing operations to benefit their business year-round.

“After seeing the customer impacts resulting from last year’s PSPS events and the Kincade Fire, particularly for those in the business community who were still being depended on for essential services and goods, we knew there would be a rise in the need for reliable backup power,” said Geof Syphers, SCP’s Chief Executive Officer.

We saw a significant increase in the number of generators being purchased and installed after the first shutoff, which are not ideal when it comes to safety or emissions. This program will help businesses better understand all of their backup energy options, including more sustainable alternatives such as battery storage.

Nathan Kinsey

SCP’s Commercial Accounts Manager

In addition to allowing businesses to stay up and running during a power outage, battery-stored energy is cleaner, safer, and quieter to use than gas-powered generators. When utilized to its full potential, battery storage can also help to lower a site’s overall electric costs.

SCP has partnered with the Center for Sustainable Energy, a nonprofit energy program administration and advisory services organization, to connect local businesses with energy experts and engineers who will evaluate the businesses’ operations and advise a best path forward.

An ERAP audit will provide the information needed to implement a solution to improve resiliency during PSPS events, develop a cost-saving strategy which may lower electricity bills, and estimate the cost of installing commercial battery storage.

Small and medium sized commercial customers, essential businesses, and businesses that were impacted by prior PSPS events are eligible to participate in the program, free of charge.

Interested businesses can contact SCP by calling 1 (855) 202-2139 Monday through Friday between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. PST, or by emailing

Please visit our ERAP webpage for more information.