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Your SIGN to Switch to 100% locally-generated, renewable energy

Published on 07/24/2023

Tom Jackson, the owner of Veale Outdoor Advertising, has always been committed to supporting local businesses and communities. He took his dedication a step further by transitioning all Sonoma County Veale Outdoor Advertising billboards to run on EverGreen, Sonoma Clean Power’s 100% locally generated renewable energy service.

In today's digital age, where online marketing and social media crowd the advertising landscape, it's crucial not to overlook the power of traditional advertising methods, especially for local businesses. Outdoor billboards play a major role in effective advertising campaigns delivering results for local, regional, and national advertisers. Veale has been in business for over 40 years and has worked with thousands of businesses helping them grow and prosper.

The billboards strategically placed along highway 101 & I-80 are seen by over 9 million vehicles a month and are a significant tool for businesses to capture attention, engage audiences, and drive brand awareness. Moreover, Veale is committed to delivering important news, Amber alerts, and community communications to keep audiences informed and educated about goings on in the area.

The fact that our digital billboard stands high above the very center of our community means everything to us, we want to support Sonoma County any way we can, and we take this responsibility seriously. Converting to clean power is one of the ways we can be a responsible steward of our environment and all of those we share it with.
Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson


Veale Outdoor Advertising

The legacy of Veale Outdoor Advertising traces back to its founder, Kirk Veale, a prominent business owner and philanthropist. Kirk recognized the effectiveness of billboards in driving business to his car dealerships. Tom and his wife Leanna, who acquired Veale Outdoor Advertising last year, have made it a priority to carry on Kirk's philanthropic spirit and respected legacy.

Among Veale's 22 billboards in Northern California, their digital billboard alongside Highway 101 in Rohnert Park stands as the crown jewel. All Veale billboards are lit and powered by SCP’s 100% renewable EverGreen service, and their digital billboard is a powerful advertising tool that also provides a means of sharing crucial news and updates within the community.

During challenging times - especially the Covid-19 pandemic and fires in Sonoma County - Veale utilized their billboards to boost community morale and share important information. They also donate time on the billboards to promote local fundraisers and support the community including unique packages to those who wish to congratulate their graduating children or send heartfelt messages on occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

For Tom and Leanna Jackson and Veale Outdoor Advertising, being local isn't just a slogan—it's ingrained in the fabric of the business. By embracing renewable energy, they not only continue to honor the legacy of their founder while making a positive impact on the local advertising landscape, but they are doing their part to ensure their children and grandchildren can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Sonoma County by supporting local, public power.