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Advanced Energy Center opening early 2021.

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The Advanced Energy Center will enable certified contractors to connect directly with Sonoma Clean Power’s customers to install cutting-edge technologies. Certified contractors can access significant incentives and 0% financing for SCP customers.

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The Latest Technologies for Energy Efficient Homes

Early next year, Sonoma Clean Power’s Advanced Energy Center in downtown Santa Rosa will give our community members an opportunity to view new clean energy technologies, attend free energy classes, and buy discounted products for their homes and businesses. We’re still working on solidifying vendors, technologies, contracts, and incentives but hope to have more information to share soon.

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Sonoma Clean Power’s Lead Locally research team, funded primarily by the California Energy Commission, is studying emerging energy-saving technologies not currently available to the public market. The purpose of the study is to assess the technologies for wider market adoption and to later offer the most promising products at discounted prices through the Advanced Energy Center. To learn more about the Lead Locally research project, click here.

Technology Demonstration Area

The Advanced Energy Center will offer the public the unique opportunity to get hands-on with innovative market-ready clean technologies from leading manufacturers and learn about the related energy, comfort, and air quality benefits for their homes and businesses. Technologies showcased will span the areas of electrification, appliances, insulation, battery storage, and more. Some of the specific products the Center expects to demonstrate include induction cooktops, residential EV chargers, and heat pump water heaters. Additionally, the Advanced Energy Center will provide a Next Generation Education Area to teach K-12 students about SCP’s clean energy generation efforts and their impact on climate change and the local environment.

SCP issued a Request for Information to solicit proposals from qualified entities (“Vendors”) for SCP’s Advanced Energy Center. SCP plans to display emerging energy-efficiency and carbon-reduction technologies for local homes and businesses and is requesting that vendors propose product displays and related customer discounts. Vendors may apply here!

Contractor Matching Tool

Selecting a contractor to install newer technologies can be difficult. That’s why the Advanced Energy Center will be launching the Contractor Matching Tool. The Matching Tool will help customers find certified contractors who can properly install the innovative products found at the Advanced Energy Center. With this tool, customers will also be able to compare pricing, bundle incentives, and view other buyers’ ratings and experiences.

Training & Certification

In an effort to expand the familiarity of local building professionals with new energy technologies, the Advanced Energy Center will provide free trainings and certification courses for architects, builders and installers. After completing a certification course for a technology, those certified will be added to the Contractor Matching Tool, which customers can then use to select a local contractor and schedule a product installation.

Public Events

The Advanced Energy Center will offer public seminars and demonstrations to educate homeowners and businesses on new energy technologies and their benefits. In seminars, attendees will learn from local experts on a range of topics, such as how a heat pump works, how to improve your home’s resilience to power outages, and what to consider when installing a home EV charging station. Demonstrations at the Advanced Energy Center will let community members experience technologies first-hand, with activities that may include tutorials on induction cooktops, smart thermostat programming classes, or getting hands-on with phase-change insulation materials. SCP plans to record some events to make them accessible on demand through our website.

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