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E-Bike Commuter Program

Promoting cleaner, healthier home to work commuting

The application period for the E-bike Commuter Program is now closed.

Is your organization committed to employee well-being, sustainability, and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to workplace benefits? If the answer is yes, then Sonoma Clean Power is your ideal partner! We are excited to provide grant money for your organization to develop an e-bike commuter program.

The E-Bike Commute Grant Program is more than just a Program; it's a Movement.

Our objective is simple: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transform your staff’s daily commute. We're empowering employers, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to embrace electric biking as an eco-friendly commuting option by providing grant funding of up to $20,000!

Here's Why.

1. Empower Your Workforce: By offering e-bike commuting as part of your benefits package, you're not only investing in your employees' well-being but also empowering them with a green, cost-effective commuting solution.

2. Enhance Your Corporate Social Responsibility: In an era where environmental sustainability is more important than ever, participating in the E-Bike Commute Grant Program is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to reducing your organization's carbon footprint.

3. Boost Employee Happiness and Productivity: Commuting plays a significant role in your employees' daily lives. Improve their overall job satisfaction by supporting sustainable, low-cost commuting that leads to increased productivity, health and job satisfaction.

4. Elevate Your Company Culture: Showcase your organization as a leader in sustainable workplace practices. By promoting green commuting and healthier living, you'll create a company culture that employees take pride in.

Key Program Features

  • Grant funding of up to $20,000 for organizations to kickstart their e-bike commuting efforts.
  • In addition to electric bikes, funds can be applied to safety equipment, charging stations, storage infrastructure, and more.
  • Educational support for participating organizations and individual riders.
  • A kickoff event and activities to build a strong e-biking community at your workplace.

Grant Application Timeline

Program Open for Applications:February 14, 2024
Deadline to Submit Questions:February 28, 2024
SCP Posts Answers to Questions: View AnswersMarch 13, 2024
Grant Applications Due:April 3, 2024
Grant Approval Period:May – June 2024

How to Apply

  • Review the Call for Grant Applications to determine eligibility and ability to meet grant requirements.
  • Submit an application form and supporting documentation including:
    • A program plan meeting grant requirements and demonstrating satisfaction of selection criteria.
    • A detailed budget aligned with the program plan and grant requirements.
    • Proof of qualifying organizational type (e.g., business license)
  • Agree to program Terms and Conditions and be willing to sign a grant agreement with SCP to receive funds.

Contact Us

  • Questions? See the Call for Applications on how to submit questions.