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Advanced Energy Build

Powering new construction projects in Sonoma and Mendocino with up to $4,500 towards energy efficiency and resiliency features.

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Advanced Energy Center

Contractors wanted for our upcoming Advanced Energy Center! Grow your business by installing new clean energy technologies for SCP customers.

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Advanced Energy Rebuild

Save up to $17,500 on your rebuild. If your home, condominium, apartment, or accessory dwelling was destroyed by the October 2017 wildfires, we can help.

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Save on Level 2 & DC fast charger purchase and installation costs.

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Drive EV

Start driving on clean, renewable energy and integrate an electric vehicle into your existing lifestyle.

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Diy Toolkit

DIY Home Energy Toolkits

Understand your energy and water usage. With this handy toolkit you can make changes & save money.

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Energy Education

Inspiring future energy leaders in Sonoma and Mendocino counties.

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Energy Resiliency Audit Program

Reliable power for your business when you need it the most.

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Technical Assistance Advisory Program

Expert analysis for your business to address energy efficiency needs and upgrades.

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Upgrade to 100% clean energy. Eliminate nearly all greenhouse emissions from your electricity use.

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Join GridSavvy, a community of customers dedicated to helping create a cleaner California grid.

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Induction Cooking

Discover the latest trend in energy efficient cooking. Safe, easy to maintain, and energy efficient.

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Get paid for generating clean energy. If you have roof-top solar or a wind turbine, Sonoma Clean Power will pay you.

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Self-Generation Incentive Program

Improving access to battery storage incentives and home resilience.

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Spirit of Entrepreneurship Grant

Spirit of Entrepreneurship Grant strives to develop sustainable entrepreneurs invested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting energy efficiency.

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