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Advanced Energy Center

Rebates for cooking, heating & cooling, and water heating. Plus FREE financing.

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Save on Level 2 & DC fast charger purchase and installation costs.

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Commercial Energy Assistance Program

Empowering you to make informed decisions about your business’s energy use.

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Diy Toolkit

DIY Home Energy Toolkits

Understand your energy and water usage. With this handy toolkit you can make changes & save money.

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Electric Vehicle Incentives for Nonprofits

Up to $22,500 toward an electric vehicle.

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EV Charging

Get a FREE smart electric vehicle charger for your home.

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Mendo Noma Solar Panels


Upgrade to 100% clean energy. Eliminate nearly all greenhouse emissions from your electricity use.

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An energy efficiency program that pays for peak savings.

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GridSavvy Rewards

Join GridSavvy, a rewards program for customers dedicated to helping create a cleaner California grid.

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Home Battery Storage Rebates

Incentives for home battery storage through the Self-Generation Incentive Program.

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Induction Cooking

Borrow an induction cooktop and discover the latest trend in cooking.

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Multifamily Building Improvements

Receive incentive of up to $750 per in-unit panel upgrade and $5,000 per central building panel upgrade.

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Solar Customers

Get paid for generating clean energy. If you have rooftop solar, Sonoma Clean Power will pay you.

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SCP Electrify

Learn how transitioning to an all-electric home can help you save money and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Water Heater Electrification for Governments

Low-to-no-cost water heater replacement.

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