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GridSavvy Rewards

Get paid to reduce energy during peak times.

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Save Energy, Earn Money.

Earn rewards by lowering your energy use when the demand for electricity is high. By reducing electricity use during peak hours, you can help decrease the need for natural gas power plants and prevent power outages.

When you enroll in GridSavvy Rewards, you'll get paid for helping us power the electric grid with more local, clean energy.

When there is high demand for electricity, SCP will send an energy saving alert. You choose how to reduce your energy use.

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How it Works

SCP will send an energy saving alert when the electrical grid is stressed because the demand for electricity is high.

You’ll receive an alert up to 24 hours in advance via text or email that there is an opportunity to save energy and earn rewards.

These can last from one to four hours, between 4 p.m. - 9 p.m., and may occur a few times per month.

Additional energy saving alerts may occur on back-to-back days and for longer periods of time if the California grid operator calls a Flex Alert.

More About Rewards.

You’ll earn $2 for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) you save during the hours requested in the energy saving alert. That's roughly equal to how much electricity it takes to run one dishwasher cycle.

You’ll help California prevent rotating power outages and reduce the need for fossil fuels.

Giving back

Community Partners

Redeem your rewards or donate them directly to one of our local community partners.


The Climate Center

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Mendocino Land Trust

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Conservation Works

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Circuit Rider

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The Children's Museum of Sonoma County

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