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GridSavvy Rewards

Get paid to reduce energy during peak times.

Save energy, earn money.

Earn rewards by lowering your energy use when the demand for electricity is high. By reducing electricity use during peak hours, you can help decrease the need for natural gas power plants and prevent power outages.

When you enroll in GridSavvy Rewards, you'll get paid for helping us power the electric grid with more local, clean energy.

How it works.

When there is high demand for electricity, SCP will call an Energy Saving Event. You choose how to reduce your energy use.

Your options.


Receive text or email alerts when there is an Energy Saving Event. You can earn rewards by turning off lights you aren't using and delaying running major appliances like the dishwasher.

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Smart devices

When you order any of the following devices from SCP, you’ll have the option to join our GridSavvy Rewards waitlist! We’ll notify you when the option to connect your electric vehicle charger, smart thermostat, or heat pump water heater is available. Connected devices will automatically adjust to use less energy during Energy Saving Events and earn you rewards. You may also qualify for a monthly $5 bill credit.

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EV charger

Get 50% off a smart Level 2 electric vehicle charger for your home. A Level 2 EV charger delivers a full charge to your vehicle in 4 to 8 hours. Plus, you can program your smart charger to avoid peak hours and earn savings based on your electric rate plan.

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Water heater

Heat pump water heaters can be up to 2-3 times more energy efficient than conventional gas or electric resistance water heaters. Smart water heaters can be programmed to heat up during the day when solar is abundant and electricity is cheaper. Rebates of up to $3,100 on heat pump water heaters are available through our Advanced Energy Center.

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Smart thermostats

If you have air conditioning, upgrading to a smart thermostat is a great way to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Smart thermostats can be programmed to avoid peak hours and earn savings based on your electric rate plan.

This device will soon be available to purchase through our GridSavvy Rewards webstore.

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Program Disclosure:
Equipment and incentives are available only to verified and active SCP customers. The customer must be the SCP account holder or have authorization on behalf of the account holder to receive any incentives or rebates offered by SCP. For customers participating in multiple GridSavvy Rewards program options, Reward Payments received for GridSavvy Rewards Alerts will be less any monthly bill credits received from the electric vehicle charger program option or smart thermostat program option. $5/month maximum bill credit for GridSavvy Rewards smart device participation, regardless of the number and type of devices participating. Program incentives, offers, and Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.