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GridSavvy Rewards

Turn the tide on climate change by changing when you use energy or by connecting your smart devices.

Cleaner California today

Together we can clean up California’s energy grid. Join GridSavvy Rewards and earn rewards for adjusting your activities during periods of high electricity use (Energy Saving Events), or by installing smart devices like smart thermostats, EV charging stations, and heat pump water heaters in your home.

With SCP able to notify customers of an Energy Saving Event, or when SCP sends signals directly to enabled devices, GridSavvy Rewards allows Sonoma and Mendocino counties to be more effectively powered by local, clean energy.

Changing when you use energy is valuable and we want to pay you to participate!

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Ready to join GridSavvy Rewards without the need to purchase or install devices? Click the link to learn more and easily sign up online.

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New technology needed

Ready to join GridSavvy? SCP offers upfront incentives on eligible GridSavvy devices.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

Power up your ride with a FREE smart electric vehicle charger for your home. You pay upfront for 50% of the charger cost, sales tax and a $15 shipping fee. After your charger is installed and activated, SCP reimburses the amount you paid when you placed your order. Additional costs related to installation are not covered by this program.

All chargers are Level 2 (32-40 amp) smart, internet-connected, devices that are eligible to participate GridSavvy Rewards! By connecting your charger and using it periodically, you can qualify to earn the GridSavvy $5 monthly bill credit.

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Smart Thermostats - Coming Soon!

Turn up the dial on energy savings in your home! We have partnered with ecobee and Google Nest to offer a $50 instant rebate on a smart thermostat purchase for customers who enroll in Gridsavvy. Once your thermostat is installed and connected to GridSavvy, you can qualify to earn the $5 monthly bill credit.

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters are two to three times more energy-efficient than conventional gas or electric resistance water heaters, saving you money on your utility bill while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. SCP’s Advanced Energy Center is offering customers rebates for replacing their existing water heater with a heat pump water heater. Check out the Advanced Energy Center today. Homeowners also have the opportunity to qualify for the $5 per month bill credit if they participate in GridSavvy Rewards!

Please note: You must be an active SCP customer to obtain your charger, heat pump water heater, or thermostat. Accounts may take up to 30 days from the start of service with PG&E to update in our system and become eligible to order devices. SCP cannot expedite orders or shipping. Please do not schedule installation until you have received your equipment.

Rheem Hybrid Gen 5 WH Laundry Room

Program Disclosure:
Equipment and incentives are available only to verified Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) customers. The customer must be the SCP account holder or have authorization on behalf of the account holder to purchase this device and receive any incentives or rebates offered by SCP. Customers are responsible for any installation costs. SCP reserves the right to not reimburse customers if the device is installed outside of the SCP service territory. Limit one device per SCP electric account.

SCP will reimburse the charger order payment once the charger is installed and activated. Activated means that the charger has connected to WiFi, and a minimum of one charging session has occurred.

Devices are available through 6/30/23 or while program funds and/or inventories last. $5/month maximum bill credit for GridSavvy participation, regardless of the number and type of devices participating. This program is part of SCP’s commitment to reducing emissions from gas-powered vehicles. Program incentives, offers, and Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.