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Lead Locally

A better energy future for everyone.

Sonoma Clean Power partnered with the California Energy Commission to create the “Lead Locally” program. Lead Locally developed strategies to decarbonize and increase the energy efficiency of our community’s existing buildings.

Through the Lead Locally program, Sonoma Clean Power offered proven energy-saving and electrification equipment to participating pilot homes to gather research. The research provided valuable feedback and data to help provide insight into best practices for manufacturers and installers, educate our community about how energy upgrades can reduce utility bills, and help guide future Sonoma Clean Power programs.

The Lead Locally program also focuses on technology deployment activities through the Sonoma Clean Power Advanced Energy Center.

More information and research documentation from the applied research projects can be reviewed below.

File Name

File Link

1. EPIC Grant Terms & ConditionsDownload File
2. Intial Fact SheetDownload File
3. CEC Lead Locally Presentation MaterialsDownload File
4. Pre-Monitoring ActivitiesDownload File
5. Phase 1 Evaluation Measurement and Verification FrameworkDownload File
6. Phase 1 Research Instrumentation Monitoring PlanDownload File
7. Phase 2 Evaluation Measurement & FrameworkDownload File
8. Phase 2 Research Instrumentation Monitoring PlanDownload File
9. Efficiency Optimizing Control Strategies for Grid Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater ReportDownload File
10. Air-to-Water Heat Pumps Final ReportDownload File
11. Air to Water Heat Pumps Sizing & Installation GuideDownload File
12. Phase Change Materials Residential Application ReportDownload File
13. Phase Change Materials in Residential Applications Best Practice Installation GuideDownload File
14. Technology Demonstration Program Implementation PlanDownload File
15. Advanced Energy Center Outreach & Communications PlanDownload File
16. Optimal Retrofit Strategies Analysis ReportDownload File
17. Technology Demonstration EMV FrameworkDownload File
18. Technology Demonstration ReportDownload File
19. Advanced Energy Center Training & Education PlanDownload File
20. Technology Knowledge Transfer PlanDownload File

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